The state of Washington filed a lawsuit yesterday, October 16, against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The suit alleges that the GMA is violating the state’€™s campaign disclosure laws by hiding the identities of food companies that have donated millions to defeat I-522, Washington State’€™s GMO labeling initiative.

It’€™s a sweet victory for Moms for Labeling, a grassroots group that filed a similar suit last month, only to have a judge dismiss it on a technicality.

It’€™s also a victory for the 18,107 of you who last week signed our petition to Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, asking him to investigate the GMA for money laundering.

Most of all, it’€™s a victory for consumers. And the truth.

Food companies don’€™t want us to know that they’€™re spending millions to keep GMO labels off their products. But we do know. And we know who they are ‘€“ the same companies who spent millions last year to defeat GMO labeling in California. That’€™s why we’€™re boycotting them.

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