USA: A Cry for Regeneration

April 1, 2023 | Ronnie Cummins

Organic Consumers Association

Unfortunately, both Democratic and Republican politicians in the U.S. appear to have lost touch with reality and the needs of everyday working class, middle class, low-income, and rural communities. America’s political duopoly appears hell-bent on demonizing “the other party” for partisan gain meanwhile working full-time for their respective donors in the billionaire class, with their primary paymasters coming from corporate agribusiness, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the fossil fuels industry, and the military-industrial complex.

While most Democrats apparently believe in mandatory injections of experimental vaccines, vaccine passports, and dictatorial CDC/Fauci/Gates/Pentagon control over health and economic policies, Republicans have recently gained the support of many by talking about the Constitution, free speech, and people’s right to choose whether to wear masks, shut down schools, lockdown businesses, and inject experimental drugs into their bodies.

Unfortunately, the most vocal Republican champions of “freedom” are simultaneously stepping up their efforts to eliminate women’s rights to choose abortion, persecuted migrants’ rights to asylum, and everyone’s right to rein in criminal polluters so we can co-exist with a clean environment and a stable climate. Despite the obvious disaster of the Biden administration’s response to COVID-19 (following very similar practices carried out during the Trump administration), there has been little or no self-criticism or admissions of error coming from the Democrats or their allies in Silicon Valley and the mass media. Republicans similarly have now conveniently forgotten that it was the Fauci-led Trump NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and NIH (National Institutes of Health) that resumed funding to the disastrous Wuhan lab in 2017 that led to COVID, and that the equally disastrous “Warp Speed” COVID vaccine program was championed, not just by Fauci, Gates, and the vaccine profiteers, but by Trump and other Republicans in Congress.

Meanwhile recent polls indicate that Democratic-leaning voters support government, Silicon Valley, and mass media surveillance and censorship (in far greater numbers than Republican-leaning voters); incorrectly believe that experimental vaccines are safe and effective (even for students, children, pregnant women, and infants who face little risk from COVID); and approve of the illegal, reckless, and unconstitutional activities of the CDC, NIH, FBI, and the CIA. Both parties, with few exceptions (Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul) are now calling for military escalation in the Ukraine, rather than negotiation, prolonging the misery and death of a war that was preventable and which is now unwinnable. The bi-partisan cry to “bleed the Russians into submission,” is actually a recipe for a nuclear holocaust.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans (with a few exceptions) behaved like indentured puppets and Orwellian authoritarians during the COVID-19 crisis, utterly failing to expose the true origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 lab-engineered virus. Both parties went along with the Gates-Fauci-Big Pharma narrative that the underlying diet-and environmentally related comorbidities of COVID-19 victims (over 90% of all COVID deaths occurred in elderly, obese, or severely health-compromised people) are simply a “fact of life” that cannot be addressed, and continue to lump together “dying from COVID” with multiple comorbidities to “dying with COVID” based upon a non-diagnostic COVID PCR test.

Leaders of both parties, ignoring the science, have tried to tell us that only Trump/Biden “Warp Speed” experimental vaccines (ineffective and causing serious and deadly side effects for millions), rushed to market would be able to “save us.”

With Establishment Democrats and Republicans continuing to discredit themselves, Trumpers and Progressives alike, it’s time for a new grassroots rising. It’s time for a game-changing grassroots-powered politics based upon Regeneration, rather than “business as usual” and “politics as usual.”

OCA and our allies believe that a global awakening and Grassroots Rising, based upon the principles and practices of regenerative food, farming, and land-use, has the awesome potential to inspire and provoke a multi-partisan, multinational, populist Movement—Democrat, Independent, and Republican; liberal, radical, conservative, and libertarian; rancher, farmer, and indigenous; urban and rural; consumer and farmer; North and South.

Once it reaches critical mass, a new united front will have the power to “make the polluters pay” and stimulate a massive transfer (divestment) of government and private capital away from degenerative practices (unhealthy, highly-processed food, factory farms, GMO seeds, chemical and energy-intensive agriculture, soil and environmental degradation, and rampant deforestation) to regenerative practices instead.

Instead of shredding the Constitution, destroying the Earth, undermining public health, and impoverishing rural communities with “business and politics as usual,” we must instead embark on a local-to-global transformation. We must identify regenerative best practices for food, farming, land use and health, and free up the funds to scale these best practices up to critical mass.

A Regeneration Revolution will require us to revitalize and re-carbonize our soils and vegetation; rehydrate our deserts and semi-arid lands; rejuvenate our forests; nurture soil fertility; stop erosion; recharge our ground water and aquifers; restore our wildlife and pollinizer habitats; and preserve and restore our marine eco-systems.

This Great Regeneration, alongside a renewable energy revolution, will re-stabilize the climate by reducing greenhouse gas pollution and drawing down excess CO2 (currently 419 ppm) from the atmosphere, returning this excess carbon to where it belongs, in our soils and landscapes, utilizing the miraculous power of human stewardship, animal husbandry, and natural photosynthesis.

This regeneration of our lands and environment, in turn, will help us restore our natural immune systems and revitalize public health (both physical and mental), bring together our fractured body politic, restore rural economic livelihoods, create jobs, and reduce the economic pressures that bring about forced migration.