Tyson foods

Tyson Foods Causes Serious Harm to People, Animals and the Environment

Tyson Foods causes serious harm to people, animals and the environment.

December 5, 2016 | Source: Alternet | by Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz

Tyson Foods, in its over 80 years of operation, has had a hugely negative impact on our food system. Tyson Foods profits off the cheap land and cheap labor that grease the wheels of the industrial food complex, specializing in the production of packaged “food” made with conflict palm oil and factory farmed meat. Palm oil is an ingredient in at least 36 Tyson products.

Tyson Foods and its global subsidiaries are one of the world's largest producers of chicken, beef, and pork––entirely raised and processed in industrial operations. It's also well known for its popular “prepared foods” like Sara Lee baked apple pies which contain conflict palm oil. As the parent company of numerous sub-brands, including "Snack Food 20" laggard Hillshire Brands, it markets leading brands such as Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Sara Lee, Ball Park, Wright, Aidells and State Fair.

Here are 12 reasons why we should all be extremely concerned about Tyson Foods.

1. Industrial food production.

A very small number of corporations control the vast majority of the world's food trade: four companies produce more than 58 percent of the world's seeds; four global firms account for 97 percent of poultry genetics research and development; and yet another four produce more than 60 percent of the agrochemicals farmers use.