The election is over but our struggle for a better, healthier, more connected world goes on.

The issue now is not so much who got the top job, but who will fill all those other key roles. What kind of people will our president surround himself with?

The transition from an industrial, polluting, wasteful agricultural system to one that supports the health of our soil, our crops and our people requires committed farmers—and committed leaders.

For instance, we urgently need assurances that the next Secretary of Agriculture won’t be just another Big Food/Big Ag/Biotech mouthpiece—like current front-runner Heidi Heitkamp—but instead a true champion of organic and regenerative agriculture who understands the need for food, farm, gender and racial justice.

We urgently need good people in positions of power. People who are able to see the big picture, to speak the truth to power and stand up for a better future for everyone

We advocate every day for the personnel and the policies that will help us build a better future.

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