“Rapid and total decarbonization” of the U.S. economy, by tripling the size of the electric grid and replacing nearly every fuel-burning machine with an electric one, would create 25 million U.S. jobs, according to a new report.

It was written by San Francisco-based energy researchers Saul Griffith and Sam Calisch, who argue that both climate change and the wave of coronavirus unemployment can be solved with an all-out, multitrillion-dollar effort like the one that helped America win World War II.

The report’s assumptions are bound to make many energy experts shake their heads in disbelief: America would double the size of its nuclear fleet, triple or quadruple the capacity of the electric grid and count on $3 trillion of new government spending. But the plan needs no new technology breakthroughs, doesn’t require any coal or natural gas plants to retire early, and asks for no changes in consumer behavior, according to Griffith, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. graduate who has launched numerous energy ventures.