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We must resist, yes. But we must also regenerate!&hashtags=resist,regenerate @OrganicConsumer We must resist, yes. But we must also regenerate!&hashtags=resist,regenerate @OrganicConsumer

You know what they say—the best way to predict the future is to create it.

There is much talk of resistance right now. And rightly so. It’s our job as citizens of this country to resist the corporate takeover—or as Naomi Klein described it, the “corporate coup d'état”—of our democracy and our society. Because that takeover goes hand-in-hand with the exploitation of our natural resources, the selling out of future generations, for the short-term gain of a few billionaire CEOs and their greedy shareholders.

Resist, yes. But we must also offer an alternative vision. This is why we, through OCA and our Regeneration International project, are asking you to join us over the next four years in organizing around the theme of #regeneration. 

We believe the alternative to #resist is #regenerate. And we believe regeneration—of our health, our communities, our local and global economies, our food and farming systems, our climate stability, and even our democracy—begins with the basic notion of respect for Nature, and a commitment to working with natural systems, as opposed to exploiting them.

How do we advance the work of regeneration? Especially in this current climate of divisiveness and daily, blatant attacks on our rights and our democracy?

We organize, especially at the local and state levels, around the solution—regeneration. We throw out (#resist!) the local and state elected officials who don’t share our vision for the common good, and we put forth candidates who believe in, and will promote policies aimed at respecting Nature (#regenerate!) and the principles of democracy.

Some will accuse us of being idealistic and unrealistic. What about jobs? What about profits? With your help, we will respond with case studies, with blueprints for change, that will illustrate how everyone, including farmers and consumers, thrives under an economy based on regeneration.

Monsanto has had 20 years to prove that farmers and consumers would thrive under a degenerative system. Monsanto failed. Consumers have suffered relentless attacks on our health. Our environment has been poisoned. Global warming is out of control. And the world hunger crisis is worse than ever.

Who has thrived under our degenerative food and farming system? A handful of big agribusiness corporations, their CEOs and their shareholders. Sadly, the number of economically viable, independent farmers has plummeted.

It’s time for change. Regeneration is the solution. We need your help to make #regeneration the political and social battle cry for an alternative future.

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