Children's Health
As of 2011, 43% of US children (32 million) had chronic health conditions, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays was included. This data is 13 years old and newer studies suggest that these numbers continue to escalate to shocking levels.

As any parent knows, trying to get to the root cause of common problems like extra weight, allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal upset, eczema, learning challenges or behavioral issues can be maddening.

Thankfully, there are some moms, doctors and scientists out there who don’t give up.

In this conversation, Organic Consumers Association’s Political Director Alexis Baden-Mayer talks to three such women: pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro, scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff, and Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt.

These three super sleuths investigated common toxic exposures, widespread health disorders and the medical literature until they identified a central factor in what’s making our children sick: Foods that have been genetically engineered to soak up Monsanto (now Bayer)’s glyphosate-based Roundup weed killer.

They didn’t stop there. Watch this information-packed interview to learn more.

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