The More Beautiful World We Know is Possible

2023 and beyond

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Charles Eisenstein writes:

“On a superficial level, it might look like the world situation is worsening in every way. And through 2023 it will probably continue to do so. War, poverty, inequality, ecological breakdown, crime, sickness, addiction, and other forms of misery will not subside, not yet, not outwardly. They may even grow— like a soap bubble, expanding in volume even as its membrane thins. Then one day it pops, and a tiny drop of soapy water falls to the ground. So big a structure from such little substance.

The core of the old story is hollowing out. The most fervent ideologues of power harbor secret doubts. The jailers yearn for liberation. The wealthy seek relief from their poverty. The powerful cry for deliverance from their helplessness. The comfortable sabotage their orderly arrangements. The warlike and violent pray secretly for their fear to lift. The void beneath the power, the wealth, the control, the comfort grows intolerable.

Cracks spread through the superstructure. Truths long denied seep out through the cracks. Contradictions erupt through the broken crust. People stop believing the stories that held the world in place. They just repeat the rituals, go through the motions, and enact the habits of a past that is less and less aligned with their consciousness…

The year 2023 will be a year of enlightenment. More and more, we will feel lightness. We have passed already through the darkest hour. The outward structures of misery yet remain, in society, in ourselves, but a new self-world-story has formed within both. The shell of the old, though cracking, will probably stay intact for a few more years, but its demise is unstoppable now if only we stop holding it together.”

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