The Global Populist Uprising


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Real Clear Politics reports:

“Russell Brand spoke with journalist Kim Iversen about how some global agencies (the WEF or World Economic Forum) seem to have an influence on the way that nations devise policy, for example… the changes around fertilizer that would bankrupt farmers. ‘There is a populist uprising against globalism happening all over the world. Why are the mainstream media not reporting on it? Could it be that they are the propaganda arm of the centrist state?’

‘The agricultural protests that are going on in the moment: Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, the Canadian trucker protests. All these things are an indication that ordinary people of the world are not happy. Would you agree? People are starting to wake up. People are starting to realize that the government is not your friend, big media is not your friend, big agriculture is not your friend. These centrist organizations that coagulate around the state, and corporate, and financial power are not interested in your individual freedom.”

Watch the 11-Minute Video: There Is A Populist Uprising Against Globalism Happening All Over The World