The 11 Most Sustainable Meats

April 2, 2024 | Source: A-Z Animals | by Patrick MacFarland

Climate change is real in the world we live in. Nations and corporations, as well as ordinary people around the world, are doing their part to combat climate change. By reducing harmful carbon emissions from traveling by public transport, there are myriad ways to ensure that climate change is slowed down. One of the things that is considered environmentally friendly is cutting down the amount of meat that you eat. You see, certain meats on this planet require a lot more things to produce.

For example, beef requires more land, more fertilizer, more pesticides, and more water. When you multiply it by the number of people who want beef, it becomes an environmental problem facing this planet. On the other hand, certain meats are quite environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look at the 11 most sustainable meats in the world.


As you can already guess, it doesn’t really take much to farm snails. Called heliciculture, it doesn’t require much land or much water than other meats out there. It is not as carbon-intensive, either. According to Shrink That Footprint, a research website that promotes sustainable living, snail farming has a carbon footprint of 0.73 kilograms CO2eq/kg.


Like other birds, duck farming is quite sustainable. It’s more environmentally friendly, it is economically sound, and many duck farmers hone in on ensuring that ducks get organic food. A lot less water and land is required, and the carbon footprint of duck farming is drastically low, too.