American Heart Association has released a study indicating that the
rate of obesity among Americans earning more than $60,000 a year is
growing three times faster than the rate among the poor. "Sedentary
lifestyles and restaurants are the two big things that affect that group
the most," said Marc O’Meara, a dietitian at Brigham and Women’s
Hospital. "The portion sizes just keep growing." /old_articles/Toxic/rich-obesity.cfm

OCA has announced the launch of its new international Science Oversight
Board (iSOB), that will expand OCA’s outreach into the biomedical and
public health arena. The iSOB oversight board will investigate and publicize
conflicts of interest at academic medical centers and in governmental
agencies worldwide. It will focus on the corporatization of medicine
and the commodification of human life. /old_articles/Politics/isob050505.cfm