We are fast approaching a tipping point in terms of climate disruption, food production, financial meltdown, and Peak Oil. To survive and thrive in turbulent times we will need to organize ourselves at the grassroots level to carry out a series of Organic Transitions – not only in terms of food and farming, but also in transportation, housing, health, and education.

The Hoax of Cellulosic Ethanol

Colin Peterson -- chair of the House Ag Committee and a long-time friend of agribiz -- let slip that "I'm not sure cellulosic ethanol will ever get off the ground." He muttered something about "a

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Global Warming ‘Is Three Times Faster Than Worst Predictions’

Global warming is accelerating three times more quickly than feared, a series of startling, authoritative studies has revealed. They have found that emissions of carbon dioxide have been rising at thrice the rate in the

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Product Durability, Do Consumers Care?

Houses get more and more bloated with appliances every year, and it seems to me the more things you own the more those things are going to break. Take a walk around on trash pick-up

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Five Percent of U.S. Lawns & Gardens Are Now Organic

For optimistic gardeners, spring is always just around the corner. They're starting to prepare their lawns and beds for the months ahead, and many are considering organic alternatives. These choices treat your garden more gently

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Plug in Cars & Electric Dreams

Web Note from Paul Scott Very good article with a minor exception. The 12th paragraph ends with this line, "These early electric cars foundered on a combination of cost, demand, infrastructure and technological factors." The

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New Green Technology Allows Carpet Cleaning Without Soaps or Chemicals

Minneapolis, Minnesota - ZeroRez Carpet and Living Surfaces Care made its home in Minnesota and the Twin Cities and have never been cleaner. ZeroRez employs chemical-free cleaning solutions to clean residential and commercial carpet, tile,

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For ‘EcoMoms’, Saving Earth Begins at Home

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. - The women gathered in the airy living room, wine poured and pleasantries exchanged. In no time, the conversation turned lively - not about the literary merits of Geraldine Brooks or Cormac

For ‘EcoMoms’, Saving Earth Begins at Home2022-01-11T12:05:36+00:00

Climate Issues Get Unprecedented Focus in Iowa

A Barack Obama television ad declares "the planet is in peril." A Hillary Clinton TV spot shows her wrapping "alternative energy" as a Christmas present. Bill Richardson and Christopher Dodd are on the airwaves with

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Betting On Green

Venture capitalists have been pouring billions of dollars into "clean-energy" start-ups -- producers of solar panels, biodiesel fuel and even eco-friendly drywall. While it is too early for most investors to see a big payoff

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