In this 15-minute video excerpt, Russell Brand interviews OCA’s longtime ally, Vandana Shiva, on how we can stop Bill Gates’ attempted takeover of our food system and the world. Gates’ new food dystopia of GMOs, fake meat, and industrial agriculture as Vandana and Brand point out, is just part of the global elite’s master plan, revealed clearly during the COVID-19 pandemic, to impose technocratic and authoritarian control over every aspect of our lives.

As Shiva reminds us “we must recognize that the universe is divine,” and “we are part of a One Earth family.” We, the global grassroots, our biodiversity and environment are not just objects to be colonized, manipulated, and exploited. Even though Gates and his cohorts working overtime to panic, drive, and coerce the world into a Great Reset believe that they are invulnerable and all-powerful, they are not.

Brand asks Vandana “what hope is there for a new world campaign” of resistance and regeneration? Shiva’s response, with her always hopeful and powerful words, is that we must ally ourselves “with the spiritual power of the universe” and “never give up.”

Watch the excerpt: Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates’s Book Is Rubbish!