Sun Over Mountains

President Obama gave his State of the Union address this week. It’s only fair we give our State of the OCA address.

We’ll be brief.

Thanks to you, OCA is stronger than ever. And because we’re stronger than ever, we’ve set a bigger and better-than-ever agenda for 2015. Because, well, there’s no shortage of issues to take on—issues we know will affect you and your family, in so many ways.

Monsanto and Big Food are doubling down on their efforts to deflect and deceive, poison and pilfer. That’s a good sign in a way. It means we’ve got them rattled.

It also means we’ll need to step up our game. And we’ll need your help more than ever.

Look for us to come roaring back this year—soon—on the issue of states’ rights to label GMOs. And on consumers’ right to know everything about the ingredients in their food, not just whether or not some ingredients have been genetically engineered.

You’ve been essential to building this truth-and-transparency in labeling movement. So we hope you’ll remain fiercely passionate when we take on factory farms, including the dairy industry, for their polluting, health-harming, animal-torturing ways.

Thank you for building this movement. Let’s double our outreach, and impact, in 2015!

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