From the Soapbox . . . One Last Impassioned Plea


When the Bronner family, founders of Dr. Bronner’€™s Magic Soaps, decided to commit to passing I-522, the Washington State GMO labeling initiative, they did it in a big way. This one small family-owned business has spent an astonishing $2.3 million to pass a GMO labeling law in Washington State.

Why take such a big risk? Because the Bronners know that if we win this battle, we will win the war.

While so many companies ‘€“ multi-million dollar national brands ‘€“ have sat on the sidelines, making excuses for not contributing much-needed money to the YES on I-522 campaign, Dr. Bronner’€™s has gone out on a limb. For your right to know.

Please take a minute to listen to David Bronner’€™s impassioned plea for GMO labeling. And then say ‘€œthanks’€!

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