While natural and organic products have seen significant growth, the profiles and motives of today’s shoppers in the category are drastically different from less than a decade ago.

The latest Hot Topic report, "Back to Our Roots: The Rise of the Natural/Organic Shopper," from Jacksonville, Fla.-based CPG marketing agency Acosta, explores modern-day natural/organic shoppers, including what they’re buying and from where, why they purchase these foods, and how they get information about the products’ ingredients and processes.

Perhaps most significant for retailers is that most age groups favor purchasing natural and organic products at traditional grocery stores, although Millennials have shown an affinity for the value channel.

“Not so long ago, shoppers interested in natural and organic food had to seek out specialty stores to find the items they wanted,” said Colin Stewart, Acosta SVP. “Now, not only has the growing popularity of non- or minimally processed food fed the rise of major specialty retailers, it is also transforming product development and grocery retail across various channels as the profiles of natural and organic shoppers evolve.”