Illustration of human bones
Worried about your bone health? Blame Big Pharma. @OrganicConsumer&hashtags=health,BigPharma Worried about your bone health? Blame Big Pharma. @OrganicConsumer&hashtags=health,BigPharma

If you’re worried about thinning bones, or bone fractures, you probably have Big Food and Big Pharma to thank for keeping you up at night.

For decades, these two industries have used scare tactics to convince the general population that they’re bones are at risk—and that they, and they alone, have the answers to your thinning bone problems.
But the healthy bone “solutions” peddled by Big Food and Big Pharma have in most cases proven healthier for corporate profits, than for consumers’ bones. And some of those “solutions” have actually contributed to thinning bones.

Writing for OCA, Martha Rosenberg explains that 20 years ago, the dairy industry announced a fictitious “calcium crisis” caused by too many young people drinking beverages other than milk. And how the industry’s “Milk: It Does a Body Good” campaign was founded on lies. (Not that we recommend kids drink soda instead of milk—that’s a whole other story).

Rosenberg also outlines Big Pharma’s hugely profitable 40-year scam that used famous women, like model Lauren Hutton, Meredith Vieira from the Today show, former Charlie’s Angel Cheryl Ladd and actress Sally Field, to peddle bone drugs—drugs later proven not only ineffective, but dangerous.

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