, overgrow the systemFor 30 days, a small group of musicians, farmers, filmmakers, writers and photographers are sailing through the islands of British Columbia on a journey that combines farming, community and music.

It’s a project called , dreamed up by Overgrow the System, an organization dedicated to raising awareness around sustainability.

The project’s mission? Gather stories of farmers and farming communities and share them through music and art. The sailboat tour is fed primarily through locally sourced food. Scheduled concerts on the islands will bring together allies.

You can follow this creative team of activists on their blog, or ship log, as they refer to it. It’s worth a read (and a look and listen), as it’s a blend of text, photography and music.
Some of the topics they explore include:

  • How do GMOs affect small island based farmers?
  • Becoming conscious of the stories we are being fed and how to collectively transform them into the stories we want to be living.
  • What will a post petroleum world look like?
  • How to bring knowledge and inspiration to communities and people on the margins of power.

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