In January, SF Mayor Gavin Newsom hired Tony Winnicker away from his post as the Communications Director for the SF Public Utilities Commission where he served from 2004-2010, creating PR for city programs including their now infamous toxic sludge giveaway program to unsuspecting backyard gardeners and schools. But as the San Francisco Bay Guardian reports this week, Mayor Newsom’s press secretary still doesn’t know anything about sludge. 

"Winnicker said he was not aware that San Francisco’s well-tested biosolids were being mixed with those of other areas, and that Newsom would defer to SFPUC experts on how to handle the situation." 

If the SPFUC’s own people don’t know about the hundreds of toxic chemicals and pathogens in the sludge they’re spreading all over the Bay Area, how can Mayor Newsom tell the public that it’s safe?

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