Request That New Hope Prohibit Food Products Containing Ingredients Produced by Genetically Engineered Microorganisms at Natural Products Expo

March 3, 2023 | Source: GMO SCIENCE

The biotech Industry is now promoting food additives and proteins produced by genetically engineered yeast, algae and bacteria to secrete something designed to mimic a natural compound or substance normally produced by plants or animals. Despite advertising claims that such substances are “identical” to cow’s milk, beef protein or plant molecules, the substances created are unique and different from the natural proteins and compounds they mimic. This new food technology is controversial, virtually unregulated and minimally assessed for negative health impacts. The substances that are derived from genetically engineered organisms have not undergone peer reviewed safety testing prior to being brought to market and basic problems like allergenicity remain a prominent risk. The long-term health effects of consuming these genetically engineered proteins are unknown . The environmental impacts from contamination caused by the release of these organisms into air and water is irreversible and risky.