Wildom Farm

Regenerating 194 acres in Deep Creek, Maryland. Pasture and forest based multi-species foraging. Chicken, Eggs, Turkey, Pork, Camping, Yoga. Transitioned conventional corn/soy farm into perennial system with livestock. Our heritage breed pigs are raised in the forest where they have a diverse mix of forage, plenty of shade and cover, and room to root. They are moved to a new area every 7-10 days, allowing them to access fresh forage and explore new territory while also giving the soil adequate time to rest and recover.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Julie Friend

Owner's Title: Owner

Email: julie@wildomfarm.com

Phone: (724) 494-5259


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Address: 6676 Sang Run Rd
McHenry, Maryland 21541



Certifications: None

Practices: None