Wild Oat Holow

Sarah Keiser is an innovative community builder who facilitates the development of community grazing cooperatives and collaborative land stewardship projects. These community-based, sustainable land stewarding concepts empower private landowners and public entities with the skills and support to use grazing ruminants, planned burns and community education to steward their land and commons to a healthy fire ecosystem. As we continue to see large, annual wildfires in California and throughout the west, Sarah has expanded her collaboration to policy makers, fire marshals, Cafire and Indigenous Fire Ecologists to build out County and region wide land stewardship projects. The way forward is paved with flexibility and community, Sarah is a leader in developing this pathway

Practices: Regenerative grazing: holistic/planned/adaptive/multi-paddock, 100% grass fed and finished., No synthetic fertilizers, No synthetic pesticides, Water management: catchments, swales, deep root grasses, keyline plowing, etc, Tree Planting/Agroforestry, Windbreaks/buffer-strips/pollinator-habitat, Crop diversification/rotation/companion planting

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Sarah Kesier

Owner's Title: Owner

Email: Sarah.keiser@wildoathollow.com

Phone: (707) 332-5969


Social Links: [ InstaGram | Www.facebook.com ]

Address: 8690 Petaluma Hill Road
Penngrove, California 94951



Certifications: None


Crop Diversification / Rotation / Companion PlantingCrop Diversification / Rotation / Companion Planting
No Synthetic FertilizersNo Synthetic Fertilizers
No Synthetic PesticidesNo Synthetic Pesticides
Regenerative GrazingRegenerative Grazing
Tree Planting / AgroforestryTree Planting / Agroforestry
Water ManagementWater Management
Windbreaks / Buffer-Strips/ Pollinator-HabitatWindbreaks / Buffer-Strips/ Pollinator-Habitat