Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill

We provide Certified 100 % grass-fed beef products as pure, healthy and TASTY to our customers, animals and the environment as possible. We cater to the consumer who wishes to provide themselves and nurture their family with high quality, untainted, locally grown, sustainably and humanely raised, nutritious, wholesome food and products. We have an overriding concern for the humane treatment of our animals while maintaining sound, ecologically responsible land and resource management. We participate in and contribute to the strength and pride of the local grass-fed beef & unadulterated food movement in Worcester County Massachusetts. We grow our beef to at LEAST 3 years old to get the best marbling and flavor. We also carry Chicken, Pork, Lamb and Eggs from local organic, sustainable farms in the store.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Joan Walker

Owner's Title:

Email: joanie@walkergrassfed.com

Phone: (508) 867-8097


Address: 1290 W Brookfield Rd
New Braintree, Massachusetts 1531




American Grassfed Association (AGA)American Grassfed Association (AGA)


No Synthetic PesticidesNo Synthetic Pesticides
Regenerative GrazingRegenerative Grazing
Tree Planting / AgroforestryTree Planting / Agroforestry