Talltex Beef. “Tender and Good for the Heart”TM This is accomplished by two completely different breeds of cattle, with two common traits gentleness and tenderness. The Belgian Blue breed grows at rates higher than cattle treated with growth hormones. They have very low fat levels, yet the meat is very moist and juicy. The Japanese Wagyu, the breed known by the town of Kobe, is very slow growing and has more marbling than any other breed. Yet with all this fat there is very little cholesterol. We now have four choices in the grass-fed beef you can get. High percent Belgian Blue, Angus/Hereford, High percent Wagyu and Blu-Wagyu. With all the breed combinations, you get “Old West Ranch Flavor”TM.

Type: farm
Owner: Christine and David Meyer
Owner Title:
Email: talltex@xit.net
Phone: (080) 624-7277
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Address: 1023 Denrock
City / Town: Dalhart
State / Prov.: TX
Country: USA
Zip Code: 79022
Latitude: 36.0555435
Longitude: -102.5229239
Certifications: N/A
Practices: N/A