Symmes Creek Ranch LLC

Symmes Creek Ranch is a family owned farm in beautiful Gallia County Ohio about 10 miles from the original Bob Evans Farms in Rio Grande Ohio. The 250 acre ranch is divided into 3 main pastures with rolling hills and trees. Cattle drink from natural springs that are found all over our farm. The ranch is bordered by 76 mile clean, clear Symmes Creek and Wayne National Forest. Our 100% Black Angus cows have calves in the spring, summer, and fall, in open pastures naturally and without human intervention. Our cattle are never confined, and never injected with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Mike George

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Phone: (614) 581-0631


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Address: 509 Symmes Creek Rd
Patriot, Ohio 45658



Certifications: None

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