Sweet Tree Farm

Sweet Tree Farm is a 350 acre farm located in the Connecticut River valley of southeastern Vermont. We raise Hereford/Angus cross (Baldies) cattle. During the spring and summer months, they graze on our chemical-free pastures bordered by woods that provide natural protection from the elements. Two guard donkeys protect our young calves from predators. In the winter, our cattle enjoy the outdoors during the day and are brought into our large, clean, well ventilated barn at night where they are fed freshly chopped haylage from our chemical free fields. Our cattle are supplemented with trace mineral blocks and have access to spring/well water at all times.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Deborah Titus

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Phone: (802) 254-4634



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Address: 1656 US Route 5
East Dummerston, Vermont 5346



Certifications: None

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