Rancho Del Pueblo

Sixteen years ago, after farming since 1976 in Hawaii, Texas, and throughout California, Steve Sprinkle founded Rancho Del Pueblo in Ojai, Ventura County. Rancho Del Pueblo is a 12-acre certified organic farm with it’s own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The farm supplies produce for the Farmer and the Cook, a restaurant and market owned by Steve and his wife, Olivia Chase. They also sell produce to Veritable Vegetable and Heath and Lejeune, which are organic vegetable distributors, and to a couple of local schools and private caterers. Together Steve and Olivia have forty-six employees and a 3,000 square foot cafe and grocery store retail space. Steve practices small-scale intensive production, typically planting 15-20 crops in succession. He specializes in summer vegetables, beets, greens, head lettuce and leaf lettuce.

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Address: 506 Lion St Ojai
Ojai, California 93023




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