Priceless Farms Limited

Priceless Farms is a sustainable farming company that incorporates village homesteads with agroforestry and regenerative agricultural practices. The company
is founded on the principles of permaculture design; earth care, people care, and fair share which enables the natural forest and ecosystem to regenerate while carefully
selecting and integrating food, fuel, fiber, and medicinal crops with the production systems installation within this regenerative landscape.

Our community farming model ‘the shamba system’ provides rural families the opportunity to be included in a functional management system that enables access
to water, housing, seeds, tools, organic inputs, training, medical assistance, and paid jobs throughout the company’s varied production models.

The company aims to be a model for African landlords and investors to replicate which proves that renewing the ecosystems can be done while maintaining a
a profitable business that enhances the health and income of those workers whose daily lifestyles enact the management systems required for this clean and sustainable
style of farming.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Aaron Elton

Owner's Title: Co-founder and Director


Phone: (02) (567) 5930-9130


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Address: P.O Box 36522, Kampala Uganda
Nakabaale, 112 256


Fruits and NutsFruits and Nuts
Wild FoodsWild Foods

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