Mount Airy Farms

Mount Airy Farms provides 100% Certified Organic, 100% Free-Range Angus beef, humanely raised on over 800 acres of rolling grass-and-clover pasture in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. Our cows are never confined, instead roaming free on 3+ acres per animal. They are bred, born, and raised on our farm using no feed lots, no genetic modification, and no inbreeding. Cows are usually finished with free-choice, organic grain; however, 100% grass-fed is available upon request. We believe in stewardship of the land, and practice sound ecological farming techniques that go above and beyond the organic standards. Our water sources are protected from animal impact, and we manage our cattle herd to ensure our pastures remain fertile and lush. We grow our own 100% Certified Organic hay right on the farm and don’t ship our cattle anywhere until they are ready to be processed, which helps reduce our dependency on fossil fuel.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Michael Quick

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Phone: (540) 687-9790


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Address: 9541 John Mosby Highway
Upperville, Virginia 20814


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