McClatchy Ranch

The McClatchy family has been Hereford breeders for three generations and have won awards for the high quality of our registered breeding stock. Every cow dreams of life on the McClatchy Ranch and a few special ones have enjoyed this idyllic setting for generations. We begin with the right genetics add grass and tender loving care. Our cattle have been tested and shown to have high levels of the tenderness genes and sonogram muscle density tests have shown our entire herd to be tender. Our cowboys have been trained in gentle handling techniques to assure that the herd stays placid and content. Our cattle are not your ordinary commercial herd, they’re something special and almost pampered but still hardy enough to thrive in our ever changing heart of Texas environment. No grain. No feedlot. No antibiotics. No added hormones. No pesticides.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Merridee and Jeanie McClatchy

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Phone: (325) 348-3049


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Address: 12300 FM 1176
Bangs, Texas 76823



Certifications: None

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