Hollin Farms is a three-generation family farm in Fauquier County, Virginia, about 45 minutes from the Washington DC/ Virginia beltway. Our “Natural Angus Baby Beef” comes from yearling steers and bulls that are about 800 pounds as compared to industrial feedlot steers which weigh about 1200 pounds. Angus is the name of the breed a black English breed renowned for its beef quality. “Natural Beef” is from animals that have received no antibiotics in their feed and have no growth implants. These yearling beefs are slaughtered at 800–900 pounds, which is 300–400 pounds less than industrially raised cattle. Because they are younger, the beef is generally more tender and leaner.

Farm Type: farm
Owner Name: Tom Davenport
Owner Title:
Email: hollinfarms@gmail.com
Phone: (540) 592-3701
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Address: 11324 Pearlstone Lane
City / Town: Delaplane
State / Prov.: VA
Zip Code: 20144
Country: USA
Latitude: 38.9698092
Longitude: -77.9785014
Certifications: N/A
Practices: N/A