C&S Farms

We raise grass-fed and finished beef and pastured poultry in north central Kansas. We understand the connection between healthy soils, healthy food, and healthy people and incorporate regenerative practices on our farm to build the best soil and raise the most nutritious food.

Our mission is to Glorify God by raising nutrient-dense food.

Type: Farm

Owner's Name: Clay and Jaci Siemsen / Kurt and Kelli Childs

Owner's Title:

Email: csfarmsllc@gmail.com

Phone: (913) 904-2807

Website: csfarmsllc.com

Social Links: [ Www.facebook.com ]

Address: 1530 Fir Rd
Belleville, Kansas 66935



Certifications: None


Multi-Species Cover CropsMulti-Species Cover Crops
No-Till / Low-TillNo-Till / Low-Till
Regenerative GrazingRegenerative Grazing