Birdsong Farm

Birdsong Farm is situated just north of M-43, in Bangor, Michigan. Our farmland has been a certified organic, family farm since the early 1970’s. Originally home to The School of Homesteading, this land provided a hands-on educational living experience for students in the 70’s and early 80’s. Since 2004, Birdsong Farm (2004-2014 as Eaters Guild Farm) has continued to uphold the standards of care for soil health and microbial diversity. This tradition of mindful land stewardship is apparent in the consistent quality and vitality of the plants grown here. Of our forty acres, 15-20 acres is dedicated to growing a wide variety of vegetables, cover crops and hay. The remaining acreage is pasture for grazing horses, goats, scratching ground for chickens, peacocks and various other land and water fowl, as well as the homestead of the Arboreal Family.

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Address: 26041 Co Rd 681
Bangor, Michigan 49013




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