Regenerating the Human Story


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Award winning journalist and founding editor of the Esperanza Project, Tracy L. Barnett writes:

“Over the past decade, Via Orgánica has developed a model that has enabled them to have a substantial impact in the region. Through establishing a restaurant, a store and a weekly street market, and sponsoring a series of classes and workshops, they’ve been able to hire 60 full-time staff and provide a decent living for more than 200 growers who are part of their network. Rosana Álvarez, who manages the contacts with the producers, has seen many changes over the years in their farming and in their lives. Some have stopped using agrochemicals; others, who were about to use them, have made the decision to resist the offers of the conventional government “package,” which involves the use of agrochemicals. Some have learned to make compost and protect the earth with mulch. Most of them have taken classes and workshops, which are free for farmers.”

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