Raw Milk Provides More Choice to Dairy Drinkers

With recent legislation on raw milk, the decision to allow businesses to sell it will increase buyers’ choice.

April 24, 2023 | Source: The Daily Iowan | by Chris Klepach

To provide more freedom to those inclined or curious, some Iowa legislators are seeking to make the sale of raw milk legal.

According to realrawmilkfacts.com, Iowa is one of 19 states in the U.S. to prohibit the sale of raw milk, which may change soon. In April, Senate File 315 was introduced by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, to allow for the sale of raw milk, or milk that is ungraded or unpasteurized per federal standard.

After winning by a 64-35 vote, the bill added an amendment that would require sellers of raw milk to keep bacteria and bacteria test and antibiotic records and to prohibit sale if a bacteria limit is reached. It also requires that raw milk be stored at 45 degrees or lower and distributed within a week. Gov. Kim Reynolds should sign this bill as it reaches her desk.

Above the intrigue, it’s the freedom to choose that excites me.

“It’s just an option,” Kaufmann said. “Just like I can get eggs, a quarter of beef, honey, or an apple. We’re simply adding this to a list of foods that people can get without jiminy cricket, the government, sitting over their shoulder and whispering what’s best for their families.”