Organic Bytes #6 included a story about the outrageous demand sent to
Maine officials by Monsanto, three dairies, and the Biotechnology Association
of Maine. They wanted the state Commissioner of Agriculture and the Attorney
General to suspend the use of the state’s Quality Seal which identifies
milk produced without rBGH/rBST.. They even requested law enforcement
action against the dairies that were using it, for “unfair trade practices.”
Maine’s officials studied the matter. And then they told the biotech bullies
where they could put their artificial hormones. Attorney General G. Steven
Rowe informed Monsanto that “Consumer choice is not impaired in any way.
Rather, consumer choice is broadened. Nor do we believe that advertising
milk as having come from cows that have not been treated with rBST or
artificial growth hormones is misleading to consumers.” Sure is refreshing
when government officials defend the interests of the citizens!

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