really is brain food. A new
of elderly men and women found that eating fish at least once
per week actually slows down the development of dementia. Although past
studies have found the omega-3 fatty acids in fish reduce Alzheimer’s
disease risk, the current study authors say they are not related to
the decline in dementia. The authors are calling for further studies
to isolate the specific nutrient in fish related to the dementia decline.

the next couple of weeks, the Food and Drug Administration is expected
to announce a new policy that would legalize the sale of milk and beef
for from cloned cows. Hundreds of cloned pigs and cows are already living
all across the U.S. but can not yet be sold for human consumption. A
60 day public comment period will follow the FDA proposal. The OCA will
keep you posted on this issue. /old_articles/Toxic/clone.cfm

of the Week:
show that around 90% of Americans want genetically engineered foods
to be labeled as such. Although 70% of processed foods contain genetically
engineered ingredients, there are no laws requiring the labeling of
these products in the U.S. But smart consumers are able to tell how
their produce was created, just by looking at the PLU code on the sticker
of the fruit or vegetable. The PLU code for conventional produce (grown
with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers) consists of four numbers.
Organically grown produce has a five digit PLU prefaced by the number
9. Genetically engineered produce has a five digit PLU prefaced by the
number 8. Now if we could just get processed food to carry such labels…