polls show that 70% of EU consumers support a ban on GE crops. Yet,
under pressure from the Bush Administration, the European Commission
has approved a 10 year permit to Monsanto to import a controversial
genetically modified corn for use as animal feed. The Commission decision
does not yet allow the experimental corn variety to be grown for human
consumption, but a vote on this matter will come in September. /old_articles/monsanto/frankencorn080905.cfm

annual Anholt-GMI Nations Brand Index survey of 25 nations reveals that
international consumer support of U.S. name brands is quickly slipping.
The index, used by marketing and advertising agencies, assesses global
consumer perceptions of individual nations’ cultural, political and
investment potential. The U.S. ranked last place in the category of
cultural heritage, a measure of a country’s "wisdom, intelligence,
and integrity." /old_articles/BTC/brandname080305.cfm

Wednesday, a study funded by the British government’s Department for
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reported that organic farms in the
UK support, on average, 32% more birds and 35% more bats than non-organic
farms. According to the study, thicker hedging, smaller fields and the
lack of pesticides on organic farms were all contributing factors to
the richer wildlife. /old_articles/organic/birdsbats080305.cfm