Put It in Writing!

Put It in Writing!


When Gabriela Raquel Rios, representing the National Farmworker Ministry, sat down with Danny Weeden, CEO of Sakuma Brother Farms, her goal was simple: deliver 750 postcards in support of Sakuma’s farmworkers, organized as Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ). 

Farm work is some of the most dangerous work there is. Workers face long hours, low wages, and often outright abuse and harassment from supervisors. If they work on conventional farms, they’re routinely exposed to a bath of toxic pesticides.

Farmworkers at Sakuma Brothers have been asking for years for the chance to sit down with managers to negotiate a fair contract that mitigates some of the stress, danger, and low pay of their jobs. But not only has Sakuma Brother Farm’s Danny Weeden refused to meet with farmworkers, he’s dismissed their grievances and concerns. 

He wouldn’t even accept the postcards Rios tried to deliver.
Workers at Sakuma have waited far too long already for Sakuma Brothers to listen to them. They need a fair contract. Now.
TAKE ACTION: Tell Sakuma Brothers Farm: Put It in Writing! Farmworkers Need a Fair Contract!