The Poison Cartel Is Killing Us


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Vandana Shiva writes on Pachamama (Mother Earth) Day: 

“The web of life is a food web woven by Pachamama through her self-organization, creativity, generative power and regeneration. Food is nourishment. Good Food is Health. Food is the flow that embodies our relationship to the earth, materially, biologically, nutritionally, ecologically.

Food is the currency of life which flows from biodiversity in living soil, through plants and insects, to sustain the biodiversity in our gut microbiome.

It is the connection between us, the earth, and other species. We are part of the web of life which is a food web. The food web weaves the web of life, in cooperation and mutuality. Food is the metabolism that connects humans with the earth, the country and the city, biodiversity and cultural diversity. Food can overcome the metabolic rift between humans and nature, individuals and community, the city and the country. Food can overcome the deep divisions and inequality in society. Food is a human right. Through food we can create just and sustainable communities and societies.” 

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