If at first you don’€™t succeed. Patience is a virtue. The wheels of change grind slowly.

Don’€™t give up the ship.

We’€™ve heard them all. And so have you. There’€™s been no shortage of platitudes in our conversations around consumers’€™ quest for GMO labeling laws.

Last year this time all eyes, including yours and ours, were on California and Proposition 37, a citizens’€™ initiative to label GMOs. A year later, with GMO labeling laws now on the books in Connecticut and Maine, all eyes are on Washington State’€™s I-522 Label GMOs initiative.

We need more than platitudes. We need a win on the west coast to connect the dots with Maine and Connecticut. We need a law, one initiated by consumers, that doesn’€™t contain trigger clauses requiring three or four other states to pass GMO laws before it takes effect.

We need to win in Washington State. And we need your help to do it. Because despite what they say ‘€“ that all things come to those who wait ‘€“ we know we can’€™t just sit back and wait. We have to work. And it’€™s your support that makes our work possible. Thank you!

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