As the bloody war in Ukraine enters its fourth month, as the U.S. military-industrial complex and NATO send billions of dollars in advanced weapons to Ukraine in hopes of prolonging the war as long as possible, as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warn us that we are closer to nuclear war than at any time in a generation, as reports pile up that the genetic engineering and weaponization of bird flu and other potential pandemic pathogens recklessly goes forward in the U.S., Ukraine, China, Russia, and other nations, it’s time to stop the madness.

To avoid catastrophe, we have no choice but to build a new anti-war and anti-biological weapons Movement and force the Biden Administration and Congress to begin negotiations with Russia to end to the war in Ukraine. A central dynamic in these peace negotiations must be to put an end to the military encirclement (including offensive “first strike” nuclear missiles and submarines) and economic sanctions against Russia in exchange for Russia agreeing to end the war in Ukraine, demilitarize the region, and engage in negotiations for global nuclear disarmament.

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Beyond the military madness in the Ukraine, we need to take action to stop the next accidental or deliberate release of a deadly bioweapon such as a lab-engineered bird flu. To do this we must ban the so-called “gain of function” lab experiments that gave rise to COVID-19 (Lyme Disease and others), renegotiate and strengthen the 1972 International Biological Weapons Protocol, and bring the Chinese and U.S. perpetrators (scientists, funders, government and military officials) of COVID-19 and its cover up to justice.

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