OCA’s close ally, Rob Verkerk, Director of the International Alliance for Natural Health, warns us that we must move beyond current orthodoxies and oversimplifications, such as the typical narrative on global warming, and join together to scale up holistic, regenerative solutions that can actually solve our planetary and existential crises. As Verkerk writes:

“The multi-dimensional nature of existential threats, from the current covid-19 pandemic, climate change and food shortages, to migrations and now a war in Ukraine, has created a perfect storm for authoritarianism, tyranny and the disbanding of individual liberty and freedom of expression.

We are increasingly being forced to accept a particular narrative that defines both the nature and causes of the problems we face, as well as proposed solutions. Shades of grey are replaced by black and white. The narrative is delivered by slick, global public relations and media systems. Any dissent is quickly ‘fact-checked’ against the narrative (which may omit readily available facts) and the inevitable consequence is a polarization of views. Viewpoints, and messengers of those views, that are not 100% in accord with the narrative are marginalized, stigmatized or scapegoated. This polarization generates a pro-narrative, ‘in-group’, and a dissenting ‘out-group’. As Orwellian as it may be, being part of the outgroup means you are denied increasing rights and privileges. You will sooner or later become a victim of cancel culture. This very process incites social instability, which gives the power brokers ever more justification to impose centralized, systems of control on the populace.”

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