Pfizer Pfeeds Covid-19 Pfears

March 10, 2023 | Source: OpEd News | by Martha Rosenberg

The Covid-19 pandemic has been good for Pfizer and news outlets who run the drugmaker’s seemingly back-to-back ads. (Question: How medically objective is a newscast when the station announces the news “is sponsored by Pfizer”?)

But Pfizer has a problem. As Covid-19 becomes less deadly, the public’s fear level is dropping and so are the drugmaker’s profits. According to FiercePharma, a drug industry web site, the drug giant expected to bring in a mere $13.5 billion this year, compared with the Covid-19-leavened $36 billion-plus it netted in 2021/2022. Ouch.

But not to worry. Pfizer is now targeting young people for its Covid-19 products. “After targeting seniors with its Martha Stewart wields a samurai sword spot, the Big Pharma has swung to the opposite end of the age spectrum with an ad featuring a singer [31-year-old Charlies Puth] who first made their name on YouTube,” says FiercePharma.