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Enough is Enough

OCA and our natural health ally, Millions Against Medical Mandates,, are happy to announce the launch of the Enough Movement.  

We believe this sentiment, Enough is capable of becoming the most profound mechanism of change that we will see in our time!  

In the coming days we will be providing you with additional tools, suggestions and key action steps for engaging with and becoming part of the Enough Movement.

All this information will be posted on the website, starting September 3rd – the official launch day.

In the meantime, we’re spilling some teaser and we ask that you please share these attached memes, links and videos with your networks. 

It is time for everyone who has had enough to find each other, build community and bring about the change we all know is possible! 

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Big ‘Organic’ Dairy, Big Problem.

When Big Ag decided it wanted to take on the organic market, we knew it would be catastrophic. Unfortunately, we weren’t wrong. Corporate players in the organic industry have weaseled their way into the organic regulatory systems and influenced a major shift from a system focused on supporting soil and environmental health, nutritious food for consumers, and fair prices for small farms, to a system focused on mass production, extracting resources, and selling cheap products. The organic dairy industry has shown just how destructive this corporate takeover can be.

This week the Real Organic Project sent out a letter describing this phenomenon as a tsunami that will affect all of us, specifically denounces Danone, a multinational food company and owner of Horizon Organic, for abandoning its commitment to sourcing milk from small dairy farms in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York. In the letter the Real Organic Project asks consumers what should be a simple question:

‘Would you pay more for the milk from the pasture-raised cow?’ And proceeds to tell us the discouraging answer:

“What is happening right now is that you are being denied that choice at any price. Already that choice was pretty confusing because of false advertising, but now the industrial system is simply removing the choice from our stores. The tsunami is hitting the farms. It is hitting all of us.”

Read the Real Organic Project’s full letter here: Danone Abandons Organic Farms


Support OCA Truth-Telling

Google and the other Silicon Valley cover up social media have been marginalizing and “shadow banning” OCA and our closest allies now for a number of years, especially since the onset of COVID-19. Whereas we used to rank high in the Google search engines, recently our Google traffic has fallen precipitously, while warnings from Facebook and YouTube to stay away from forbidden topics or lose our access to our several million followers have increased. As a result of these threats and shadow banning, OCA now has to produce two newsletters every week, one for our subscribers (uncensored) and one which we are allowed to post on social media (censored).

To carry on our mission, despite corporate lies, government intimidation, and now social media censorship, we need your help. 

Please get your friends and everyone you know to become subscribers of Organic Bytes, since we may be “de-platformed” any day now on Facebook and social media.  

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Even PBS and Former Top US Officials Question “Official Cover Up on 9/11”

September 11, 2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. As the website states: “Five years ago for the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Colorado’s PBS station, CPT12, produced a highly revealing 9/11 documentary titled “Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11.” This incisive production honors the many victims of this great tragedy, yet also finds many revealing problems with the official story of 9/11.

Watch it free at this link and tell your friends.

“Many respected senior members of the military, intelligence services, and government have also expressed significant criticism of the official story and the 9/11 Commission Report. Some even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. Linked below you will find the highly revealing public statements on this vital topic of just 20 of the many prominent public servants who have spoken out. Sources are included for verification and further investigation.

The collective voices of these respected senior officials along with over 100 esteemed professors, over 250 pilots and aviation professionals, and over 3,000 architects and engineers give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed.

These dedicated individuals from across the political spectrum are not irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report is not only reasonable and responsible, it is in fact a patriotic duty. Please help to spread the word and call for a new investigation.

Learn more: PBS, Top Officials Question 9/11 Offical Story


Ban the Weaponization of Viruses and Bacteria

As Children’s Health Defense reminds us: 

“The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention prohibited bioengineering pathogens to create biological weapons, but because nations have been unable to agree on how to strengthen the treaty, some countries are still doing the research and stockpiling bioweapons.” 

Unfortunately, the overwhelming evidence indicates that one of these engineered pathogens, SARS-CoV-2, a joint project of US and Chinese scientists, was released in 2019 (either accidentally or deliberately) from a poorly regulated, accident-prone dual-use (military and medical) lab in Wuhan, China, setting off the COVID-19 pandemic.

Genetic engineering applied to pathogens is, in reality, the science of creating illegal bioweapons. This insanely dangerous, but financially lucrative research is being carried out by an international network of scientists, gene engineers, and military contractors. 

It’s time to stop the microbe madness. It’s time to prioritize human survival over partisan politics and superpower rivalries. It’s time to implement mandatory global inspections and controls/bans (like we have for nuclear weapons proliferation), and mandatory, draconian penalties for violations. 

This is the way, and likely the only way, we can stop the next pandemic, before it starts.

SIGN THE PETITION: Stop the Genetic Engineering of Viruses! Shut Down All Biowarfare Labs Immediately!


Epstein, Bill Gates, and the Mainstream Media Cover Up

Bill Gates sounds rather unconvincing when he tries to explain why he (and other powerful figures in the global elite including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump) had so many meetings with convicted sex-trafficker Jeffry Epstein before his mysterious “suicide.”

Bill Gates’ alibi: “I had several dinners with him, [Epstein] you know, hoping that uh, what he said about getting billions of philanthropy for global health…” 

Watch this thought-provoking and humorous, 17-minute video of Russel Brand talking “about corruption and the way that information can be controlled and manipulated and the way that powerful people can behave in a way that’s outside of the rules that are prescribed for ordinary people…”

Watch More: Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence


9/11 Cover Up Director Appointed to Chair COVID Cover Up Group

Phillip Zilekow, former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, widely accused of covering up the true facts surrounding 9/11, has a new job: to cover up what really caused COVID-19. Zilekow stated on April 14, referring to COVID-19: “These sorts of civilizational challenges may become more common in the 21st century, and we need to learn from this crisis to strengthen our society…”

Watch this Bitchute video, an episode of the Jim Corbett Show, to understand Zelikow’s new role as COVID cover up specialist: 9/11 Cover Up Director Appointed to Chair COVID Cover Up Group

And here’s another very timely Corbett video: COVID/911 From Homeland Security to Biosecurity


Cancer and Other Health Concerns

Glyphosate, a synthetic herbicide patented in 1974 by the Monsanto Company and now manufactured and sold by many companies in hundreds of products, has been associated with cancer and other health concerns.

Glyphosate is best known as the active ingredient in Roundup-branded herbicides, and the herbicide used with “Roundup Ready” genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Learn more: Glyphosate Fact Sheet: Cancer and Other Health Concerns


Here I Come to Doom the Day

Monsanto/Bayer and the gene engineers want us to believe that GMOs and the toxic chemicals that accompany them are safe and healthy for humans and harmless for the environment.

This short animation exposes one of the lies of the GMO lobby—their ongoing cover up of the “superweeds” such as Palmer Amaranth that now plague farmlands sprayed with Roundup and other GMO companion chemical poisons.

Watch the cartoon: Superweeds: Here I Come to Doom the Day