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Deadly Diet

This week, CNN—that’s right, a mainstream media outlet—ran an article titled, “The U.S. Food System Is Killing Americans.” 

The CNN report included this stunning statistic: The U.S. accounts for only 4 percent of the global population, but nearly a quarter—that’s 25 percent—of global COVID-19 fatalities. 

The report noted that blame for this failure is largely being assigned to the country’s “flat-footed response” and poor public health infrastructure. But “. . . this ignores a significant and underrecognized risk factor—the exceedingly poor baseline health of our country’s population.”

According to CNN:

“Among the most significant risk factors for hospitalization and death in Covid-19 are the presence of diet-related chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and obesity. America’s starting point? Nearly three out of four American adults are overweight or obese.”

In other words, now would be a good time for Americans to start taking control of their health—by paying attention to their diets.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if the U.S. healthcare system would get on board by paying more attention to the link between diet and health, and focusing more on prevention instead of handing out pills.

It also wouldn’t hurt to get the Junk Food lobbyists out of Congress.

Read ‘The U.S. Food System Is Killing Americans’

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Go Bold

“Radical” is a badge OCA has always worn, proudly. Even though we believe the policies we’ve supported consistently—many of which are successfully in place in other countries—are more sensible, than radical.

While it’s unfortunate that it’s taken a global pandemic to get there, we’re encouraged that more and more people, citizens and policymakers alike, are joining the call for radical change and radical policy reforms.

As Ben Phillips, Campaigns and Policy Director of ActionAid, wrote recently:

“This is a time for radically new policies. The bravest ideas of yesterday are the weak tea of today. Set out now your ideas for a bold tomorrow.”

We couldn’t agree more. Which is why we’ll keep fighting for a ban on industrial factory farms. And a regenerative Green New Deal that includes “bold” reforms for U.S. food and farming policies.

As Phillips says:

“Throughout history, progress has been won through people’s own collective struggle. Alone, we may indeed be trapped by the structures in which we find ourselves, but history shows that acting together we have the capacity to remake them.”

Thank you for being part of this collective struggle. For not settling for “weak tea” when the moment calls for bravery.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And if you can, please make a donation today to support our work.

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Fishy Claims

Should the labeling and marketing claims about your smoked Atlantic salmon product match up with your reasonable expectations for what those claims mean?

We think so. 

That’s why we’ve sued Mowi, the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon products, for making misleading labeling and marketing claims about some of the company’s smoked Atlantic salmon products, sold under Ducktrap River of Maine brand name.

When it comes to fish, consumers have ranked the “minimal use of hormones and drugs,” “no pollution to the environment,” and “respect of fish welfare” as three of the four most important elements of sustainable aquaculture.

By those standards, consumers would be unlikely to give Mowi or Ducktrap a high ranking.

In this short post we take a look at some of Mowi and Ducktrap’s dubious claims, and why we believe they’re misleading to consumers.

Read ‘You Have a Right to Know About Where This Product Comes From’

Read the full lawsuit

More on our ‘Myth of Natural’ Campaign

TAKE ACTION: Tell Ducktrap: Stop Falsely Claiming Your Smoked Atlantic Salmon Is ‘All Natural’

Image of Christian Hassell with viruses and biohazard symbol in background

GOF Hall of Shame

Our search for the origins of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 has led us and others—including some of the world’s top independent scientists and investigators—to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Below the surface of the various COVID-19 origin narratives being circulated—by the Chinese government, the Trump Administration, Big Pharma and the corporate-owned mass media—there is a secretive and dangerous labyrinth of money, politics and militarism that connects Wuhan and its sister biowar/biodefense/gain-of-function laboratories across the U.S. and the world.

There are hundreds of labs—in the U.S., China and around the world—that collect and manipulate viruses, including coronaviruses, and bacteria, fungi, and other toxins that cause disease and death.

In these labs, scientists use genetic engineering and synthetic biology to give pathogens new functions, making them more lethal, contagious, infectious or resistant to treatment.

COVID-19 could have come from any number of them—so could the next pandemic.

As we follow the evidence—and follow the money—we come face to face with a cast of out-of-control Mad Scientists, militarists and biotech/bio-pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. 

Which of these self-serving characters brought us SARS-CoV-2, which we believe was an accidental, rather than a deliberate release? And who will be responsible for unleashing the next, possibly deadlier, weaponized viruses, bacteria and gene-altered microorganisms in the future?

We’ve launched a new series of articles, under the “Gain-of-Function Hall of Shame” banner, that will profile individuals in a cast of characters tied to the genetic engineering of viruses and pathogens.

This week, we turn the spotlight on Dr. Christian Hassell and his long career in the world of biowarfare, or as its proponents prefer to call it, “biodefense.”

Read ‘Christian ‘Risks-Be-Damned’ Hassell: Pushing Dangerous, Taxpayer-Funded Genetic Engineering and Gain-of-Function Research’

Visit the Gain-of-Function Hall of Shame

SIGN THE PETITION: Stop the Genetic Engineering of Viruses! Shut Down All Biowarfare Labs Now!

new book GRASSROOTS RISING by Ronnie Cummins with a pair of headphones

The Playbook We Need

“Regenerative agriculture is going to be a key phrase in the decades ahead—and this book will get you in on the ground floor, so to speak. Not much could be more important!”— Bill McKibben, author of “Falter

When Ronnie started this book, COVID-19 wasn’t on his mind.

But during this unprecedented global crisis, “Grassroots Rising” is the playbook we all need.

We’re guessing most of you—except those of you who are the pandemic frontline heroes providing essential services—probably have more time to read, or listen, to books right now.

And you’re probably in dire need of any message that offers hope—and concrete action steps for creating a better world.

Ronnie’s new book, your “good news” instruction manual for fixing our broken food and farming system and our broken climate, is now available on You can also order the paperback online.

Regrettably, Ronnie had to cancel his book tour, even as he was driving throughout the southwest for scheduled speaking events. The cancelations were necessary, in the interest of public health.

Fortunately, we’re planning an online book tour. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay sane and above all, stay engaged.

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