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woman browsing shelf of care products

Not All ‘Clean’ Personal Care Products Are Truly Toxin-Free

Corporate giants like Target have a long history of jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to the latest health and diet trends. Right now, many consumers are spending big bucks on toxin-free eco-friendly beauty products. 

But with so many different labels and claims and so little regulation, which products can you trust? 

Target boasts: 

“Look for the Target Clean symbol on beauty products to find those without phthalates, Propylparaben & butylparaben, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) & other ingredients you may not want.”

We all know claims like these from corporations as big as Target are often too good to be true and that we as consumers sometimes have to do extra work to find out which products are actually what they say they are. 

Fortunately, Mamavation did extensive research, looking through thousands of products for you inside Target’s “Clean Beauty” aisles and ranked them by an ingredients guide.  

Learn more: Target’s “Clean Beauty” Personal Care Aisle Ranked via Ingredients Guide

Learn more through our Coming Clean campaign

soil microbial life

Pesticides Threaten the ‘Foundations of the Web of Life’

After looking at 275 unique soil organisms, taxa, or combined taxa and 284 different pesticide active ingredients or unique mixtures, researchers at the University of Maryland found that pesticides significantly harm soil invertebrates.

“It’s not just one or two pesticides that are causing harm, the results are really very consistent across the whole class of chemical poisons.”

Soil organisms are essential for healthy soil, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration to help fight climate change.

“Pesticide companies are continually trying to greenwash their products, arguing for the use of pesticides in ‘regenerative’ or ‘climate-smart’ agriculture,” said co-author Kendra Klein, a senior scientist at Friends of the Earth. “This research shatters that notion and demonstrates that pesticide reduction must be a key part of combating climate change in agriculture.”

Read: Pesticides Threaten the ‘Foundations of the Web of Life,’ New Soil Study Warns

people celebrating a meal

Local Food Feast – Join the Celebration!

World Localization Day is a worldwide movement bringing communities together to advance the transition from destructive, industrial monocultures towards diversified, local, community-driven food systems.

To participate in this movement, people all around the world will be hosting “Local Food Feasts” between May 15 and June 20 in honor of World Localization Day.

A Local Food Feast could be anything from a family dinner at home to a potluck with friends and colleagues, or even a neighborhood street feast! The challenge is to source (primarily) local ingredients, and try to get to know the farmers who grew them.

Explore the Regenerative Farm Map to find local regenerative farms near you. 

If you host a Local Food Feast, please help spread the word about the local food movement by posting photos of it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #WeAreRegenerators. 

Sign up to host your own Local Food Feast

Learn more and FAQ here

Also, join us online on May 31 at 3:00pm CDT for a livestream Local Foods Feast cookout with Minnesota-based regenerative farmer and perennial silvopasture expert Wil Crombie.

Join the local foods cookout with Wil Crombie on May 31 at 3:00pm CDT  

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bill and melinda gates divorce

Metabolical: The Surprising Reason for Bill Gates’ Divorce

After 27 years of marriage, Melinda and Bill Gates are getting divorced. Melinda reportedly contacted divorce attorneys in 2019, shortly after reports of Bill’s repeated meetings with notorious child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein emerged. Epstein’s “madam,” Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested in 2020. Her case will be heard in fall 2021. 

There’s a possibility the Gates’ divorce may be a preemptive effort to protect the Gates Foundation’s reputation and influence should embarrassing truths emerge. 

In addition, Gates is facing mounting criticism for his defense of Big Pharma’s monopoly control over COVID-19 vaccine patent rights and buying up vast swaths of U.S. farmland. 

Gates claims there aren’t enough vaccine factories available to assure safety in the manufacturing process. But there are at least three factories on three continents that have the capacity to produce hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccines if granted access to the technical blueprints. 

Gates is also increasingly being blamed for the introduction of health apartheid around the world as vaccine passports are being rolled out.

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vandana shiva quote

DIVIDE & RULE – The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE

Watch Vandana Shiva’s latest video animation where she explains to us how humanity has been hijacked by corporate greed, corrupt politicians, and anti-human globalists who aim to control, terrorize, and divide us, in order to increase their wealth and power. 

Watch the animation, produced by the public interest group After Skool 

congressional covid origins briefing

OCA and Allies Organize Congressional Briefing on the Likely Lab Origins of COVID-19

On May 24, OCA and the Whitecoat Waste Project sponsored a briefing for members of the U.S. Congress featuring prominent physician-scientist Dr. Steven Quay, and David Asher, a former State Department official who was tasked with looking into the origins of COVID-19 and the role of the Chinese government.

According to Dr. Quay, “While it would be a positive step for China to be open and transparent with records from the Wuhan Institute of Virology that were not shared with the WHO Committee during their field work in China earlier this year, there already exists more than enough data and evidence to conclude with high certainty that the COVID pandemic did not arise from a natural zoonosis … It is clear to me that only a grassroots effort directed to the federal government will bring the urgency to help uncover the cause of the pandemic and set the stage to put in place the safeguards to prevent the next.” 

Watch the recording of the Congressional briefing, attended by over 60 staffers from both sides of the aisle

Read: “COVID’s Smoking Gun – the Furin Cleavage Site” by Regeneration International Director Andre Leu 

Sign OCA’s Petition to Ban Dangerous “Gain-of-Function” Experiments

corporate meeting room

Cracking COVID’s Cover-up Conspiracy

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of Conspire is to Plot or Contrive. Current COVID cover-up conspirators include: 

•A global network of scientists involved in Gain-of-Function (GOF) experiments with coronaviruses

•the Chinese Government

•the U.S. Government, which funded bioweapons labs through the U.S. Department of Defense

•the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)

•the World Health Organization (WHO)

•the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA)

•NIH (National Institutes of Health)

•NIAID (National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases)

•the Lancet

•DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

These COVID cover-up conspirators are joined and aided by the mainstream media, the internet giants, and others across the globe who have plotted or contrived to cover up the truth, in various and numerous ways, about the need to seriously investigate a laboratory leak as a plausible cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read more: Cracking Covid’s Cover-up Conspiracy

scientist with virus research

Covid-19 Cover-Ups: Foxes in the Hen House

The diabolical cover-up of the lab origins of COVID-19 is coming unraveled.

One former New York Times science reporter, Donald McNeil, has finally admitted publicly that he accepted, without real verification, the self-serving words of his friends Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak (who actually were funding the dangerous lab experiments on viruses that leaked out of Wuhan) that COVID-19 was not a lab release, but rather a natural occurrence, ignoring a growing body of scientific evidence by independent scientists and researchers. 

Another New York Times veteran science reporter, Nicholas Wade, recently demolished the official Chinese-USA cover-up, with a comprehensive article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

In an eye-opening article in the Off Guardian, historian Edward Curtin puts the COVID-19 cover-up in historical perspective, connecting the dots between COVID-19 and other recent cover-ups including 9/11 and the subsequent anthrax attacks. The unprecedented, but uncannily widely-anticipated, 2001 attacks terrorized the public and cleared the way for members of the ruling elite, the military-industrial, and Big Pharma to consolidate their power and wealth, launch wars, pass draconian laws (the Patriot Act), and curtail civil liberties—much like the highly anticipated and pre-planned responses to COVID-19.

Curtin points out that University of Virginia professor Phillip Zelikow, who led the 9/11 Commission in its cover-up, has now been nominated to head up a COVID Commission Planning Group to work with Bill Gates, Silicon Valley, the Johns Hopkins School for Health Security, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Charles Koch, Eric Schmidt, and the Rockefeller Foundation to shore up the increasingly discredited official story on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19.  

As Curtin points out, the artificially overblown threat of Arab terrorists has now been replaced with the threat posed by those questioning the official story of COVID-19: “the Biden administration has directed its resources inward toward domestic “terrorists”: that is, anyone who disagrees with its policies.  This is especially aimed at those who question the COVID-19 story.”

Learn more: Second Stage Terror Wars