Via Organica Joins Moving Planet September 24!


OCA and Vía Orgánica Join with Moving Planet and for a Global Day of Action on Climate Change

On September 24th , the international organization, with the support of Moving Planet, has called for a Global Action Day to demand solutions to Climate Change (go here for more information).

350 parts per million refers to the amount of atmospheric CO2 that scientists identify as the goal for stabilizing climate change. The current number is over 375ppm. OCA’s sister organization in Mexico, Vía Orgánica, joined by Greenpeace and climate action groups across Mexico, is organizing a walk and bike excursion in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, to highlight our demand for green transportation and food production. Via Organica and activists will bike to the organic farmers market and then visit an organic farm, underlining the fact that our food, farming, and transportation systems have huge impact on our health, the planet, and climate change. Transportation based on fossil fuels impels climate change; food production based on petroleum-based chemicals aggravates the situation with water pollution, soil salinization, and biodiversity lost through mono-cropping. And of course organic food and farming, along with sustainable transportation are two key ways we can drastically reduce fossil fuel use, while naturally sequestering excess CO2 in the living soil.

For more information: and look for the event in San Miguel de Allende, Facebook page PLANETA EN MOVIMIENTO/MOVING PLANET event. Or write to: info (at)