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Bait and Switch: Genetically Engineered Gene-Therapy Drugs

It’s a tragedy that all of us who knew about the dangers of GMOs, genetically engineered bioweapons, Big Pharma criminality, and the threat of out-of-control corporations and the national security state were not organized into a more powerful, united, and militant resistance several years ago. At the crucial moment when dangerous, experimental gene-therapy drugs were forced onto the market, and injected into the bodies of a fearful and coerced population, under the guise that they were harmless and effective COVID “vaccines,” we should have been able to stop them. Unfortunately, we didn’t. The major reason we couldn’t stop this massive assault on the body politic and our children is because the America we live in today is not really a democracy, but rather an oligarchy, a 21st Century corporate, technocratic, bio-medical, national security state.

Because we were threatened by what they said was an unprecedented public health emergency, Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma, and the Trump administration, followed by the Biden Administration, told us that the COVID mRNA “vaccines” needed to be rushed to market, at “Warp Speed,” with no liability for injury or death on the part of the manufacturers. They said that these mRNA shots needed to be injected into everyone, even healthy adults, those who already had acquired natural immunity, and youth and children, who faced little or no threat from SARS-CoV-2. For those who refused the jabs, you could lose your job, your schooling, your livelihood, your freedom to travel, or even your right to attend religious services. In China, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the mandates and lockdowns were even more severe than the U.S.

The COVID authoritarians demonized critics of the official narrative, including OCA and yours truly, shut down schools and businesses, and forced everyone to wear masks, knowing the majority of those worn were useless to stop the tiny, aerosolized particles of the virus. They demanded that the generic, repurposed malaria and parasite drugs and natural supplements being successfully used in early treatment of COVID be banned, and that scientists and doctors who deviated from the government mandates had to be silenced, de-platformed, and de-licensed.

A central strategy in this modern day coup d’état, what the perpetrators of the COVID-19 “vaccine” disaster, and their recipients of Big Pharma advertising dollars in the mass media, concealed is that the so-called Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and boosters were not actually vaccines at all, but are in fact genetically engineered gene-therapy drugs. These mRNA “vaccines in name only” (VINOS) had never before been properly safety-tested in humans, or even animals. Moreover, these gene-therapy drugs were being rushed to market by corrupt pharmaceutical corporations with a history of fraud (for which they had paid billions of dollars in fines and legal settlements) and criminal negligence. Several years ago when a number of gene therapy drugs were injected into children, who subsequently died, the serious dangers of experimental gene therapy drugs had become commonly acknowledged.

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Merchants of Poison: The Front Groups and PR Firms that Bayer and Monsanto Use to Defend Glyphosate

Stacy Malkan of U.S. Right to Know reports:

“As pressure mounted in the European Union to ban glyphosate in the wake of the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 2015 cancer report, members of a new group called Freedom to Farm began appearing at agricultural events and farmers’ markets across Europe. Marketing itself as a grassroots effort led by farmers, the group warned of the ‘threat to farming’ posed by restricting the use of glyphosate. But Freedom to Farm was not the grassroots uprising it purported to be. Monsanto’s name did not appear anywhere on Freedom to Farm materials, yet the operation was fully staffed and supported by PR firms working for the company. An ‘intelligence report’ prepared for Monsanto by the PR firm FleishmanHillard, reveals the scope of the operation: 39.5 full-time equivalent staff from four PR firms were promoting ‘Freedom to Farm’ in seven countries. And that was not all: ‘In addition to the campaign team,’ the report noted, ’56 trained operatives are supporting the on-site recruiting process for grassroots.’”

Meet the Merchants of Poison: The Front Groups, Spin Groups, PR Partners Pesticide Companies Use To Defend Glyphosate


Dr. Mercola: Surviving 2023

Dr. Mercola writes:

“People all over the world face a long list of growing crises, from food and energy shortages to worldwide tyranny and enslavement through programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and the steady creation of a ‘one world government.’

It is crucial to understand these threats and take action to prepare for, resist and overcome them…

The COVID plandemic was successfully implemented through fearmongering. Ditto for the rollout of the COVID jabs. Fear is the most potent weapon The Great Reset cabal has at its disposal, and we can expect them to use it again and again.

The antidote to fearmongering is education and sharing the truth with others, and the perfect antidote to fear itself is love. For nearly the past three years, mainstream media, celebrities, health officials, medical professionals, family and friends publicly condemned, mocked and threatened those who didn’t agree with masking, social distancing, lockdowns and experimental injections.

Many of us still live with those scars. But we must not respond in kind as we move forward. If we want a more humane society, we must let our own humanity shine bright. If we say we stand for freedom and liberty, we must be consistent and not hypocritical.

At the end of the day, the solutions to all of the crises facing us really hinge on creating a new society. We need a reset, yes, but not The Great Reset advertised by the World Economic Forum and its derelict minions.

No, we need a reset in which the corrupting elements are cut out of the equation, and there’s corruption absolutely everywhere. In the school system, our food system, financial system, the stock market, our regulatory agencies, all throughout government and our intelligence agencies. It’s all rotten to the core. And we have but two choices: Accept the digital prison system handed down to us from the globalists, or rebuild our own parallel systems, outside of their control.”

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How Big Food Corporations Make Us Overweight and Sick

In this 11-minute episode of Breaking Points, James Li details how Big Food companies have systematically lied to consumers about the dangers of sugar-laden, carb-heavy, industrial hyper-processed food, fueling an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease.

Rates of obesity in America have skyrocketed over the past 30 years to the point that 60% of the population are now categorized as obese or overweight. Even though diabetes was considered rare in the 1950s and 60s, a full 10% of Americans are now diagnosed as diabetic.

As Li points out “we are fatter and sicker than any generation in history.”

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WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty & Create a Global Totalitarian State

Michael Nevradakis of Children’s Health Defense reports:

Secretive negotiations took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR), considered a binding instrument of international law.

Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHO pandemic treaty.

While the two are often conflated, the proposed IHR amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty represent two separate but related sets of proposals that would fundamentally alter the WHO’s ability to respond to ‘public health emergencies’ throughout the world — and, critics warn, significantly strip nations of their sovereignty.

According to author and researcher James Roguski, these two proposals would transform the WHO from an advisory organization to a global governing body whose policies would be legally binding.

They also would greatly expand the scope and reach of the IHR, institute a system of global health certificates and ‘passports’ and allow the WHO to mandate medical examinations, quarantine and treatment.

Roguski said the proposed documents would give the WHO power over the means of production during a declared pandemic, call for the development of IHR infrastructure at ‘points of entry’ (such as national borders), redirect billions of dollars to the ‘Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex’ and remove mention of ‘respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.’ Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the proposed documents may also contravene international law.

Boyle, author of several international law textbooks and a bioweapons expert who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, recently spoke with The Defender about the dangers — and potential illegality — of these two proposed documents

Other prominent analysts also sounded the alarm.”

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Listen to Meryl Nass and James Corbett on the WHO’s Drive to Take Over the World


Russell Brand on How Blackrock & Military Contractors Are Making a Killing in the Ukraine

Russell Brand is one of the few people in the world who can make us laugh even as he tells us about the horrible things that the Global Elite, in this case the trillion-dollar Wall Street giant Blackrock, is doing.

In this broadcast, Brand details how Blackrock, in a familiar pattern carried out earlier by large corporations in Iraq and Afghanistan, is not only profiting off prolonging the bloody U.S. proxy war in Ukraine (via its investments in booming military-industrial contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, and General Dynamics) but also planning on make a killing after the war is over, having recently signed a multi-billion-dollar deal with Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky to rebuild post-war Ukraine. Meanwhile Blackrock is using its overseas war profits to make a killing back at home, feverishly buying up family owned homes in the U.S. and turning them into rental units.

In the future, it’s going to be harder and harder to own your own home in places where Blackrock and other financial giants dominate the real estate market. Is this what the World Economic Forum and the globalists mean when they say “You will own nothing, but you will be happy.”

Watch the incomparable Russell Brand


Democrats Look the Other Way on Pandemic Origins

Investigative journalist Sam Husseini reports:

“Over two years into the pandemic which has killed millions and ravaged the lives of billions around the world, there has been no Senate hearing and only a highly limited Republican-only House hearing on the origin of the pandemic.

Many threads of investigation would be available to a Congressional inquiry with subpoena power, but Congress has refused to move forward. Chinese cooperation is not needed. A host of US institutions involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its US funder, Ecohealth Alliance could be questioned and examined: NIH, USAID through its PREDICT program, the Pentagon, the University of North Carolina, Harvard, University of California, Davis and University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

On May 26, 2021, the same day Biden “asked the Intelligence Community to redouble their efforts” to determine the origins of COVID, the Senate unanimously passed Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-Mo.) bill to “require the Director of National Intelligence to declassify information relating” to COVID origin. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi has prevented the legislation from being taken up in the House.

Sen. Patty Murray, chair of the HELP Committee, consented in June 2021 to the establishment of a bipartisan committee review and report, but a year later, nothing has materialized.

When ranking members Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. James Comer pressed for the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis and Committee on Oversight and Reform to take up the issue of pandemic origins, they were dismissed by the chairs of the respective committees, James E. Clyburn and Carolyn B. Maloney. The Democrats wrote on June 11, 2021: “We have confidence in the ability of the Intelligence Community and our diplomatic partners to conduct a robust inquiry into this important issue.” They made clear they wanted to focus on real and alleged faults of Trump’s pandemic response, including the notion that Trump was overly cordial with China…”

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Organic Seeds of the Future

John Navazio writes:

“Over the past decade it has become apparent that there’s a real need for a comprehensive guide to growing organic vegetable seed. For some time now it has been obvious to dedicated practitioners of organic farming that, to be in harmony with the philosophical underpinnings of organic agriculture, it’s important to use seed produced using organic practices.

This same dedication to organic principles is integral to the mind-set of a number of worldwide organic certification agencies’ governing bodies, all of which have added an organically grown seed requirement since 2002. Of course such regulations can’t be implemented overnight, but the very existence of the rules has dramatically increased the market for, and use of, certified organically grown seed.”

Learn more: Seeds of the Future


Support the OCA

For 25 years OCA has campaigned against the hazards of scientists playing God, mixing, modifying, and engineering new genes, seeds, medicines, viruses, and microorganisms, aided and abetted by giant corporations, the Pentagon, and corrupt regulatory agencies and government officials. A decade ago we objected to the USDA allowing genetically engineered vaccines for animals to be allowed in organics.

Over and over again we have seen how patented, rushed to market, untested and unlabeled or mis-labeled genetic engineered foods, crops, trees, and bioweapons, and now gene-therapy vaccines, have wreaked havoc. Three years ago we began exposing the lies around the origins, nature, virulence, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19.

We promise to keep on exposing these out-of-control scientists, corporations, and politicians and to put an end to GMOs, bioweapons, and now mRNA “vaccines.” But we need your help.

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