It may just be a matter of months before U.S. consumers are unwittingly
purchasing milk and meat from cloned cows and pigs. Although the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked producers to hold
off on selling food products from cloned animals, there are currently
no laws or regulations officially prohibiting the sale. In October,
the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) issued a letter
to the FDA requesting that these sales be blocked, based on the
fact that cloning causes unnecessary animal suffering. HSUS said
cloning involves painful reproductive practices and often results
in “abnormalities such as brain lesions, skeletal malformations
and incomplete development of the vascular tract.” The letter
also stated that the cost of cloning gives further advantages
to large corporate farms, thereby increasing the plight of the
small family farmer. Dr. Michael Appleby, HSUS Vice President
added “A single pathogen could wipe out countless numbers of genetically
identical animals, putting animal safety and the world’s food
supply at risk.”

Read the full article: Environmental News Service- Oct.9, 2002

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